Saturday 13 Aug 2022

PLK Luk Hing Too Pri. Sch  & PLK Laws Foundation College

Secondary and Primary Bridging Program


          Since 2005/06, our school (LHT) has established ties with Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College (LFC) and become through-train schools. Regarding to the change, our school has been developing and implementing a school-based, comprehensive and systematic curriculum to smoothen the transitions and reduce overlapping among the two learning stages.

          And also LFC has been implementing another S.1 Bridging Course.  Once the new batch of Pre-S.1 students from our school have registered their admission in late September every year,  the S.1 bridging course will then start in November, so that they can be helped and guided to prepare their secondary school life in LFC. 

          Besides, the teachers would participate in different teachers’ professional development and exchange activities between our school and LFC. This kind of activity will be held regularly in every school year.


-To help students adapt to the secondary school curriculum as soon as possible, some components of the secondary school curriculum are adopted into our subjects:

-To equip P.6 students with self-motivated and  self-regulated learning attitude.

-LFC shares resources with us. For instance, primary students may sometimes have lessons at the LFC campus and take part in the joint-school learning activities with LFC students.

-To better understand each other, mutual lesson observations and curriculum development meetings are organized regularly.