Wednesday 05 Oct 2022
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I’m a Fine Music DJ


Music office invited RTHK Radio 4 professional radio hosts to hold a workshop at our school on 15th March, 2018. They introduced Chinese and western music and the work of a classical music DJ. All Primary 5 students attended the workshop.


On 14th May, 2018, four Primary 5 students were invited by RTHK Radio 4 to be radio hosts. They learnt how to be radio hosts, presented classical music and shared our school music activities with the audience.


Programme broadcasting date: 23rd June, 2018

美樂工作坊workshop -          - 美樂工作坊錄音 -





“Yat Po Singers” Workshop

The workshop was held successfully on 1st September. All P.4 and P.5 students enjoyed it a lot!

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