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Hong Kong-Melbourne Sister-school Exchange Program 2018

Melbourne Study Tour plk logoprimces hill


This year, our study tour to Melbourne, Australia, is held from 11 November to 19 November, 2018. This is our tenth study tour to visit Melbourne and our sister school, Princes Hill Primary School (PHPS). Twelve students are chosen to be the school representatives of the tour. Principal KK Chan, Miss Ko Wing Kwan, Miss Calista lead the team for the visit.

From the overseas exchange program, we wish to expand students' horizons and enhance their competitiveness so that they can learn to "think globally, act locally". The authentic and practical environment creates language needs for students to use English to communicate actively on a daily basis, result in improvement in English. For teachers, the program helps to enrich the pedagogies and competence levels. Thus, this is a golden opportunity for our students and teachers to learn and develop.

Highlights of the study tour

 Daparture and Day 1 : 10-11 November(Sat & Sun) (click for the photos)

Day 2: 12 November(Mon) (click for the photos)

Day 3: 13 November(Tue) (click for the photos)

Day 4: 14 November(Wed) (click for the photos)

Day 5: 15 November(Thur) (click for the photos)

Day 6: 16 November(Fri) (click for the photos)

Day 7-8: 17-18 November(Sat & Sun) (click for the photos)

Day 9: 19 November(Mon) (click for the photos)