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Science busking

Science Busking is quick science demos or activities that work well at any time. It can be very live, interactive and rewarding.


The aim of science busking is ……

  1. lTo develop students’ scientific knowledge and understanding of how it applies in practice.
  2. lTo develop confidence communicating with others.
  3. lTo gain valuable practice of giving clear scientific explanations.
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2020/21 Magic Science ON AIR




cupping pongstickmanrainbow

Video Award:


Student name:



Amanda Fan

Ping Pong ball


Zack Ng

Sticking a card on a cup


Hayees Ho

Sticking a card on a cup


Klaus Ip

Sticking a card on a cup


Fung Sum Yuet

Creating a little swimming stickman


Nam Ho

Creating a little swimming stickman


Cheng Pak Him

Making a Rainbow in water


Benson Cheung

Making a Rainbow in water

Wow Science Party

In order to let students to learn science through doing experiment and develop self-learning, “Wow Science Party” filled with exciting, engaging, high impact hands-on science activities is held for P.2 students in 2nd semester of each school year since 2015. This activity also provides a science platform for P.2 students to show experiments to their parents and classmates. 

Date        : 10th May 2019 (Friday) 2L & 2R

                 24th May 2019 (Friday)   2D & 2S

Time        : 2:30am – 4:00pm                                                                                             

Venue      : School Hall (1/F)

Gallery 2018-2019


Guiding Teacher

Group 1: Air Cannon

Mr. Cheng Yuk Lun

Group 2: Floating Art on Water

Miss Tam Yee Kit / Mr. Kam Tsz Hang

Group 3: Bouncing bubble

Miss Kwok Tsz Lam

Group 4: Tightrope walking

Miss Ho Ka Yu

Group 5: Travelling Water

Miss Cheung Hin Wan

Group 6: Disappearing Glass

Miss Poon Shuk Ching