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Melbourne Study Tour    

The first visit to Princes Hill Primary School (11 March – 23 March 2008)



The study tour to Melbourne, Australia was held on 11th March to 23rd March in 2008. This was the first study tour of the school to visit Melbourne and our sister school, Princes Hill Primary School (PHPS). Nine students (7 P.6 students and 2 P.5 students) were chosen to be school representatives of the study tour. Principal Chan and 3 teachers led the team for the visit, together with 16 students and 4 teachers from Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College.


From the overseas exchange program, we wish to expands students' horizons and enhances their competitiveness so that they can learn to "think globally, act locally". The authentic and practical environment creates language needs for students to use English to communicate actively on a daily basis, result in improvement in English. For teachers, the programs helps to enrich the pedagogies and competence levels. Thus, this is a golden opportunities for our students and teachers to learn and develop.


Team Members and grouping

Mr. Chan Wing Kwong (The Principal)
Miss Fung Hiu Fai
Program leader, English and Liberal Studies teacher)

6R Chan Chung Kan, Peter
5L Chan Ho Wai, Howard
5R Wong Tin Wan, Melody

Miss Lo Oi Sze, Jackie
English and Music teacher)

6R Kwok Ka Ying, Winnie
6R Mo Ka Yan, Karen
6D Lau Sin Ying, Priscilla

Mr. Kam Tsz Hang
and General Studies teacher)

6R Lee Yuk Yin, Daisy
6R Ma Ki, Kiki
6D Leung Hoi Ying, Jaime

A. Group photos

groupP groupP2
groupP3 groupP4

B. School lives

1. School environment

environment environment2
environment3 environment4

2. Welcome ceremony

welcome welcome2
welcome3 welcome4

3. Picnic Dinner

dinner dinner2
dinner3 dinner4

4. Learning

learn learn3
learn2 learn4

5. Play and eat

eat eat2
play play2

6. Cooking Session

cook cook3
cook2 cook4

7. Farewell ceremony

farewell farewell2
farewell3 farewell4

C. Outing activities

1. Healesville Sanctuary

outing3 outing4
outing outing2

2. Visit Princes Hill Secondary School

visit visit2

3. Melbourne City Visit

citiy city2
city3 city4
city5 city6

D. Melbourne tour

tour tour3
tour2 tour4