Friday 12 Aug 2022






As Confucius said, ‘Isn’t it great having friends to visit us from distant places?’, we are so delighted to host our friends from our sister-school, Princes Hill Primary School (PHPS) for the second consecutive year. Twelve students and their teachers, Ms McKay, Ms Flanner and Principal Lofhelm coming from Melbourne, Australia are staying with us during October 26th to November 3rd. Various activities are organized to welcome them and we do wish that this invaluable opportunity can broaden both of our students’ horizons, promote mutual understanding between the west and the east and enrich both of our learning and life experiences.


Day 1 (Oct 26 - Sun)

PHPS’s team’s arrival

arrive arrive2


Welcome Dinner at PLK Laws Foundation College

welcome welcome2
welcome3 welcome4
welcome5 welcome6
welcome7 welcome8
welcome9 welcome10
welcome11 welcome12


Day 2 (Oct 27 - Mon)

Morning assembly cum Welcome Ceremony

morning morning3
morning2 morning4


School Tour with Principal Chan

tour tour3
tour2 tour4

Curriculum Meeting

Mandarin 3 Mandarin
Mandarin 4 Mandarin 2


lunch lunch3
lunch2 lunch4


Day 3 (Oct 28 - Tue)

Science (Lab) lesson

science science2
science3 science4


Visiting the Hong Kong Science Museum

Museum Museum2
Museum3 Museum4


Day 4 (Oct 29 - Wed)

Chinese Cooking Lesson

cooking cooking2
cooking3 cooking4

Filming for Campus TV program

tv2 tv

Open lesson hosted by Ms McKay of PHPS

open  open3
 open2  open4

Day 5 (Oct 30 - Thu)

Visiting Ocean Park

ocean ocean2
ocean3 ocean4
ocean5 ocean6

Day 6 (Oct 31 - Fri)

Halloween Party

Halloween3 Halloween2
Halloween4 Halloween5
Halloween6 Halloween

Music Night Show cum Farewell Ceremony

Music Night Music Night 4
Music Night 2 Music Night 5
Music Night 3 Music Night 6

Activities organised by host families

Day 9 (Nov 3 - Mon)

Chinese Paper Cutting Lesson

Chinese Chinese 3
Chinese 2 cooking4

Chinese Knot Lesson

Knot Knot3
Knot2 Knot4

Farewell lunch

Farewell Halloween4
Farewell2 Halloween5
Farewell3 Halloween6

PHPS team’s departure

departure departure2
departure3 departure4