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Hong Kong-Melbourne-Foshan Sister-school Exchange Program 2012

Melbourne Study Tourplkphps


The study tour to Melbourne, Australia, was held on 3 to12 November 2012. This was our fifth study tour of the school to visit Melbourne and our sister school, Princes Hill Primary School (PHPS). Twelve students (8 P.6 students, 3 P.5 students and 1 P.4 student) were chosen to be the school representatives of the tour. Principal Chan and 2 teachers led the team for the visit.

From the overseas exchange program, we wish to expand students' horizons and enhance their competitiveness so that they can learn to "think globally, act locally". The authentic and practical environment creates language needs for students to use English to communicate actively on a daily basis, result in improvement in English. For teachers, the program helps to enrich the pedagogies and competence levels. Thus, this is a golden opportunity for our students and teachers to learn and develop.


Team Members and grouping

Mr. Chan Wing Kwong (The Principal)

( English teacher)

4D CHEUNG Chi Kit, Kit

5L WONG Si Wing, Debbie

6L CHAN Ying Tsz, Purple

6RNG Wang Ko, Tom

6D LEUNG Pui Man, Melody

6D YEUNG Kai Yin, David

Miss LI
(English teacher)

5L WONG Maxwell Hugo, Max

5S WONG Shun Ling,Brigid

6L LEUNG Kwan Ho, Derrick

6L YIU Wing Man, Tiffany

6R LEE Ho Yin, Brian

6D CHAU Cheuk Lam, Yoyo

Parents’ briefing



Highlights of the study tour

Departure: 3 November (Sat)

At the Hong Kong airport 

We left for the Melbourne exchange program at the Hong Kong International Airport. All the families came and we took many photos at the airport. All the students were excited!

Day 1: 4 November (Sun)

Arrive at Melbourne 

Before arriving Melbourne, we had a quick stop at Adelaide. Students were amazed by thebeautiful scenery of Australia. They were warmly welcomed by their host families and they were happy to see their buddies again.

Day 2: 5 November (Mon)

Class time

Our students came to school happily with their buddies. There was a welcome ceremony in the morning assembly at the school hall of Princess Hill Primary School. The Aussie exchange students shared their wonderful experience in Hong Kong and Foshan. Also, our students joined different specialist programs with their buddies. Miss Tsang and Miss Li conducted a lesson about Chinese culture in which Australian students learnt to say some common greetings and write couplets with Chinese brushes.

Day 3: 6 November (Tue, public holiday)

Host family organises activities

Day 4: 7 November (Wed)

Healesville Sanctuary 

Our students and their buddies spent the day at Healesville Sanctuary. They had a lesson about Australian animals including Quokka and Leadbeater’s possum at Discovery Centre of the sanctuary; they even had a chance to touch the animals. For sure, they didn’t miss kangaroos and koalas. Everyone learnt a lot and had great fun!

Day 5: 8 November (Thur)

Cooking lesson, video conference and Interschool Sport Games

Students had a wonderful time in the cooking lesson.They made lamington andfettuccinewithpesto sauce. They were excited because it’s their first time to make pasta, then they shared the food with their buddies for lunch. After that, they had a chat with their friends at LukHing Too and their parents through video conference. In the afternoon, students went to Edinburgh Garden to participate in theInterschool Sport Game. They had fun in ball games.


Skype video Conference with PHPS

A video conference between LHT and Princes Hill Primary School (PHPS) was conducted on 8 November, 2012 (9:00am HK time). In the video conferences, 11 student representatives, together with the parents of the exchange students, chatted with the 12 exchange students who were undergoing the exchange program in PHPS in Melbourne, Australia in the mean time.

Through video conference (VC), our students and parents got to know more about Australia and the progress of the exchange party currently in Australia. A Mandarin lesson, demonstrated by Ms. Tsoi, was carried out during the VC. The video conferencing technology provided a platform in exploring the possibility of long distance learning between the two schools.



Day 6: 9 November (Fri)

Melbourne Museum

Today, students had a fabulous visit at the Melbourne Museum. In there, they saw a mini rainforest, specimens of many Australian animals and the models of dinosaurs. Students were especially interested in the dinosaurs models which are really enormous to them. Followed by this visit, they enjoyed delicious ice-cream in a famous local ice-cream shop.In the evening, they had a barbeque at one of the Aussie buddies --- Will’s farm in the countryside. They climbed trees, played trampoline and fed animals. It was a gorgeous night.

Day 7-8: 10-11 November (Sat & Sun)

Host family organises activities

Day 9: 12 November (Mon)


Farewell Ceremony/Goodbye to Australia 

This was the last day of the program. Our students hosted the morning assembly. In order to thank the school, teachers, buddies and host families, students prepared three performances. Yoyo told a story ‘The Grasshopper and the Ants’, eleven students played ‘Ode Joy’ with recorder and all students sang ‘Proud of You’. All participants of the assembly enjoyed and appreciated their performances. At around 12:15, we left for Hong Kong.