Friday 03 Dec 2021


Exchange with Wuhan Shuiguohudiyi xiaoxue 2012

The teachers and 16 students of our sister school, The Wuhan Shuiguohu First Primary School, (武漢市水果湖第一小學) stayed with us during January 14th  to 20th 2012. They were hosted by our students’ families. Various activities were organized to welcome them and we did wish that this invaluable opportunity could broaden the students’ horizons.






Day 1 (Jan 14 Sat) 1 (2012 1 14 星期六)

Wuhan team’s arrival 從武漢出發到香港


Day 2 (Jan 15 Sun) 2 (2012 1 15 星期日)

Host families arrange visits for Wuhan students 接待家庭安排參觀活動

family family2
family3 family4


Day 3 (Jan 16 Mon) 3 (2012 1 16 星期一)

Welcoming ceremony 歡迎儀式

welcome welcome3
welcome2 welcome4

Visit LHT primary school campus 參觀陸小校園

tour tour2
tour3 tour4

Students participate in the cooking lesson學生進行烹飪課

cooking cooking2
 cooking3  cooking4
 cooking5  cooking6

Production of couplets 製作揮春

chinese chinese2
chinese3 chinese4
chinese5 chinese6


Day 4 (Jan 17 Tue) 4 (2012 1 17 星期二)

Ocean Park day tour 海洋公園一天遊

ocean ocean4
ocean2 ocean5
ocean3 ocean6


Day 5 (Jan 18 Wed) 5 (2012 1 18 星期三)

Participate in electronic music lesson 進課室上電子音樂課

music music2
music3 music4

Participate in long-distance running race 參加長跑比賽

running running2
running3 running4

Lunch gathering 歡聚午餐

lunch lunch2
lunch3 lunch4

Shooting on campus television programs 拍攝校園電視台節目

tv tv2

Curriculum development seminar 課程發展交流

sharing sharing2


Day 6 (Jan 19 Thurs) 6 (2012 1 19 星期四)

Chinese culture Day 中華文化日

culture culture2
culture3 culture4

Speech Contest 演講比賽

speech speech2

Farewell ceremony 歡送儀式

farewell farewell2
farewell3 farewell4
farewell5 farewell6


Day 7 (Jan 20 Fri) 7 (2012 1 20 星期五)

Wuhan team’s departure 離開香港

departure departure2
departure3 departure4