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The teachers and 16 students of our sister school, Wuhan Shuiguohu First Primary School (武漢市水果湖第一小學), stayed with us from January 22nd  to 30th 2011. According to the sister school exchange memorandum signed by the two schools, three teachers and 16 students of our school had a return visit from April 20th to April 27th (during Easter Holiday).





Photos and Videos 相片及錄像

Setting off 出發了!

Setting2 Setting
Setting3 Setting4

Self introduction 自我介紹

Self Self2
Self3 Self4
Self5 Self6
Self7 Self8
Self9 Self10

Flag-raising ceremony 升旗禮

raising raising2
raising3 raising4

Photo gallery of the campus life 校園生活剪影

life life3
life2 life4
life5 life6
life7 life8

Theme visits of The Xinhai Revolution 辛亥革命主題參觀

Xinhai Xinhai2
Xinhai3 Xinhai4

English open lesson by our school teachers 本校教師主持英語課

English English2

Photo gallery of homestay families 接待家庭剪影

families families2
families3 families4

Farewell Party 歡送會

Farewell Farewell2
Farewell3 Farewell4


Students’ Project Work 學生專題研習

School life 學校生活

Food culture 飲食文化

Customs of Wuhan 生活習慣


Students’ essay sharing 學生文章分享

Heritage tour 古蹟旅遊

Heritage tour 1 古蹟旅遊1  

Heritage tour 2 古蹟旅遊2  

Heritage tour 3 古蹟旅遊   


Conclusion and Feeling總結和感想

Conclusion and Feeling 1 總結和感想1    

Conclusion and Feeling 2 總結和感想2

Conclusion and Feeling 3 總結和感想3