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PLK Luk Hing Too Pri. Sch  & PLK Laws Foundation College

Secondary and Primary Bridging Program

Since 2005/06, our school has established ties with Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College (LFC) ,and become through-train schools. Regarding to the change, our school has been developing a comprehensive and systematic curriculum to smoothen the transitions and reduce overlapping between these two learning stages. The bridging programme is also help students adapt to the secondary school curriculum as soon as possible, some components of the secondary school curriculum are adopted into our subjects.


2011-14 Physical Education

Courses / activities detail

Courses / activities target


Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School is a through-train school with Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College. We organize activities jointly for early adaptation of our primary school students to the secondary school lives in Laws Foundation College. There are seven activities, and the details are as follows:

1.Hockey: For P.4-P.6 students and each class contains 19 students. There are training sessions with the Secondary Section students of the hockey class every Saturday morning.

2.Badminton: There are training sessions with the Secondary Section students every Friday. There is also an enrichment class that students can have more friendly competitions with the Secondary Section.

3.Jazz: Through a systematic jazz training, students’ dancing potential and stage technique can be developed. We have the same dancing tutor with the Secondary Section, and will have public performance together. P.6 students will have lessons together with the Secondary Section in the coming year.

4.Track & field: P.6 track & field team will join the training of the Secondary Section twice a week, starting from the second semester, in order to prepare for the Secondary inter-school competition of the coming year. The training class consists of around 20 students, and is held on every Monday and Wednesday.

5.Table-tennis: P.6 table-tennis class students will join the training of the Secondary Section in the summer vacation.

6.Volleyball: In order to organize the volleyball team in the Secondary Section, all P.5 and P.6 students can join the volleyball training with the Secondary Section once a week.

7.Basketball: During the summer vacation, P.6 basketball team students will join the training of the Secondary Section.

1.To increase the chances of exchange of sports between both schools.

2.To provide the Secondary Section with fundamentally trained school team members.

To make statistics of students attendance.