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Hong Kong-Melbourne-Foshan

Sister-school Exchange Program 2012

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Isn’t it great having friends to visit us from distant places?” (Quoted from Confucius) We are so delighted to have friends from our Melbourne sister-school, Princes Hill Primary School (PHPS) coming to visit us for the fifth time. Like previous years, twelve PHPS students and their Principal, Ms Esme Capp, and their teachers Ms Kerri Gibson and Mr Tony Stokes are staying with us for 10 days from October 6th to15th. This time, they are not only going to stay and explore Hong Kong, the PHPS delegate is going to join us to spend three days to visit and exchange with Nanhai Luocun Experimental School from October 11thto 13th. This tripartite exchange among Hong Kong, Melbourne and Foshan" experience is unique to all participants of the three schools and at the same time, we hope that this invaluable opportunity can broaden the horizons of the students from the three schools and promote mutual understanding between the west and the east.



Day 1 (Oct 6 - Sat


 Hello, Hong Kong

Day 2 (Oct 7 - Sun)


A happy day out with host family 

Day 3 (Oct 8 - Mon)

First day at Luk Hing Too

Mathematic Curriculum discussion

Lesson observation

Excursion at Hong Kong Museum of History

Day 4 (Oct 9 - Tue)


Lesson Observation at Luk Hing Too

Lesson Observation at Laws Foundation College

School Tour at Laws Foundation College

Chinese Cookery

Mandarin Lesson


Day 5 (Oct 10 - Wed)


Excursion at City Gallery

Day 6 (Oct 11 - Thu) Nanhai Exchange


Ready, go!

Here we are!

Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese Pottery

Day 7 (Oct 12 - Fri) Nanhai Exchange


Closing Ceremony

Day 8 (Oct 13 - Sat) Nanhai Exchange


Excursion at Xiqiao Hill

Day 9 (Oct 14 - Sun


A happy day out with host family

Day 10 (Oct 15 - Mon)

Farewell Ceremony

Evaluation and Reflection Time

Farewell Lunch

Goodbye, Hong Kong