Tuesday 05 Jul 2022

Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School

Department of English


The English Language Department is committed to:

-   offer every child the right to a second language which provides further opportunities for extending knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people, including for further studies, pleasure, and work in the English medium

-   enable every child to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advancement in information technology, including the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study or work in the English medium.

Literacy Pro Library:

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English Club:



English Drama:



Speech Festival

speech festival



 Halloween Celebration:



In order to arouse students’ interest of learning English and appreciating English songs and plays, there is a musical for P.3 students before Christmas holiday and a musical for P.1 students before summer vacation every year.

P.3 Musical: Somewhere out there


P.1 Musical: Old MacDonald and the Little Blue Tractor


Video Conference:


Show-and-tell and Public Speaking Competitions:

Show-and-tell and public speaking competitions are held every year to promote English learning atmosphere, arouse student’s interest in performing or presenting in English and enhance student’s intonation and pronunciation.



McDonald’s Excursion:

In order to provide students with an authentic environment to practice oral English, encourage students to speak English in their daily life and help students build up their confidence in communicating with others in English, our P.2 students will have an excursion in McDonald’s every year.



English Day Camp:

P.4 & S.2 students have English Camp at Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College every year. It aims at enhancing students' confidence in English communication through participating various types of English learning activities.

day camp



My Journal:

Our students like to share their daily things and experience with their teachers. Some good writings will be selected at the end of each term and posted on the school website for sharing.