Friday 12 Aug 2022

Department of Visual Arts

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  • To develop creativity and critical thinking and nurture aesthetic sensitivity.
  • To learn through systematic and thematic study in order to be able to understand and manipulate aesthetic expressions, coding system, and visual structures presented by visual languages and visual forms.
  • To appreciate the Art Pieces of artists ,such as local artists ,Masterpieces of European art, should be able to understand the cultural contexts in which the arts are placed and their relationship to people’s lives and societies at large.

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Curriculum characteristics:

  • School-based curriculum ,such as Drawing, Painting, Print-making, Design, 3D Artworks, Digital Arts, Creativity thinking artworks, Theme-based Project.
  • Art Club
  • Extracurricular activities, such as Ceramics Workshop, Potter's Wheel Workshop, Animation Workshop, Comics Workshop, Photography Workshop.
  • Joint-School Art Exhibition
  • Secondary-Primary Bridging Programme-Fashion Show

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