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'Budding Scientist

'Budding Scientist is a science gifted program that is taught by science teacher of PLK Laws Foundation College. This program adopts the inquiry-based learning (IBL) approach which students would take active roles to construct their own learning through various well designed learning activities. In each session, there would be clear goal and learning objectives. Students would be presented with an analytical case which they need to solve by completing various experiments. It is expected that participants after completing this program would be a more self-reliant learner, explorer, scientists instead of being dependent on teachers to guide their learning.

The following are the learning objectives of the program:

  ü  Develop intrinsic interests to pursue further study in science in senior forms.

  ü  Develop correct attitudes and ethical practice for doing science.

  ü  Acquire fundamental laboratory techniques.

  ü  Design and perform experiments and investigation individually.

  ü  Apply knowledge and skills acquired to carry out further investigations of their own interest.


Gifted Education (Science) Framework in LHT-LFC


Target participants: 15 primary 6 LHT students

2018-2019 Program schedule and nominated students' list

Gallery 2018-2019

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