Tuesday 05 Jul 2022

             Multi-intelligent Activity Centre


Our school's SGT , Miss Leung, utilize the special environment, facilities and settings in school. She provides different interesting activities for different levels of students. It reinforced students' sense of belongings and strengthened their confident. 01
Some senior students become volunteers at recess. They help and lead the junior students to carry out games and activities. They can learn some leadership skills and communication skills. They are persistently trying their best. 02
Some training activities such as parent volunteer workshop are sometimes held in the centre. Through the role play and powerpoint presentation, some visiting skills and polite manners can be transfused to parents and students. 03
After parents' training, Miss Leung arranged a period of time after lunch and let students to share their thoughts and feelings. This is a good chance for students to express their opinion about the school. All the opinion are precious and are closely related to them. At the same time, parents can also learn how to communicate with their children and how to support their children. 04