Tuesday 05 Jul 2022

Four House structure

Teachers and students of Luk Hing Too Primary School were divided into four Houses which are red, yellow, blue, green in 2010. Students are allocated evenly and randomly to different houses when they enroll in primary one and they will stay in the same House during their six-year primary school life . When they promote to Laws Foundation Secondary School, they will still stay in the same House. Each House has its own color, flag, slogan and cheering squad. Various large-scale school competitions will be designated in the form of House activities.

Annual inter-house activities include:

First semester:

Chinese culture day game booths

Second semester:

Sports Day     PLK Casual Day fund-raising activities.    Swimming Gala

House Games Day     Music Competition       Mathematics Fun Day

red2 yellow2
blue2 green2

Aims of House System

Each House selectes 20 students from grade three to six students as student ambassadors. They plan and organize activities with the assistance of teachers in order to enhance students' leadership skills. Student Ambassadors and teachers encourage Hose members to actively participate in inter-house activities and competitions. This is to unite teachers and students’ relationship and enhance teachers and students' sense of belonging to the school.

Method of Scoring:

Each House will get 8 points, 6 points, 4 points, 2 points in each event according to their ranking in the competition respectively;
The House who gets the highest score throughout the whole year wins the championship.