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Hong Kong-Melbourne-Foshan Sister-school Exchange Program 2015


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This year, our study tour to Melbourne, Australia, is held from 22 November to 30 November, 2015. This is our eighth study tour to visit Melbourne and our sister school, Princes Hill Primary School (PHPS). Twelve students (11 P.6 students and 1 P.5 students) are chosen to be the school representatives of the tour. Principal Chan, Miss Chen Wai Che and Miss Lee Hung  lead the team for the visit.

From the overseas exchange program, we wish to expand students' horizons and enhance their competitiveness so that they can learn to "think globally, act locally". The authentic and practical environment creates language needs for students to use English to communicate actively on a daily basis, result in improvement in English. For teachers, the program helps to enrich the pedagogies and competence levels. Thus, this is a golden opportunity for our students and teachers to learn and develop.



 Team Members and grouping


Mr. Chan Wing Kwong (The Principal)

(English and Music teacher)

6D CHAN Cho Man Mia

6D YU Yue Wen Rachel

6S YU Lok Yee Sandy

5D HO Tsz Hei Edwin

6L LI Zehexuan, Hanson

6R SO Chun Hei Nelson

Miss LEE
(English teacher)

6L LO Pui Sze Priscilla

6D KOT Yin Laam Melody

6S CHAN Samsie

6L CHOI Wai Lam William

6R CHENG Pak Chun Bosco

6S HO Yan Lam Eggrice


Highlights of the study tour

  Departure: 22 November (Sat)

At the Hong Kong airport (click for the photos)

Day 1: 22 November (Sun)

Arrive at Melbourne (click for the photos)

Day 2: 23 November (Mon)

Welcome ceremony(click for the photos)

Class time(click for the photos)

Prepare for presentation about Ancient Monuments and Culture of Australia (click for the photos)

Day 3: 24 November (Tue)

Monument and Culture excursion(click for the photos)

Day 4: 25 November (Wed)

Healesville Sanctuary (click for the photos)

Australian animal zoo (click for the photos)

Day 5: 26 November (Thurs)

Cooking lesson (click for the photos)

Interschool sport (click for the photos)

Day 6: 27 November (Fri)

Presentation of Ancient Monuments and Culture of Australia project (click for the photos)

Miss Chen and Miss Lee’s lesson (click for the photos)

Whole school assembly (click for the photos)

Day 7-8: 28-29 November (Sat & Sun)

Host families organize activities

Day 9: 30November (Mon)

Class lessons (click for the photos)

Farewell Ceremony (click for the photos)

Goodbye to Australia (click for the photos)