Tuesday 05 Jul 2022

Our Vision
I. To help students build a strong foundation of literacy, including fluent and confident communication in Cantonese, English and Putonghua, and numeracy.

II. To help students think logically, independently and creatively; make rational decisions; solve problems independently and in cooperation with others; and cope with stress and change.

III. To help students acquire technological, data collecting and analyzing skills; develop their self-learning ability; and encourage in them a desire to independent and life-long learning.

IV. To help students develop self-esteem and optimism; and develop health awareness, good physical coordination, and a disposition to engage in physical activity.

V. To help students develop their creativity and aesthetic awareness, and should stimulate appreciation of the achievements of the local culture and other cultures.

VI. To help students develop a sense of civic duty, responsibility to the family and service to the community; exercise tolerance in interacting with others; and handle problems with the democratic mind.

VII. To help students better understand Chinese history and culture; concern country's development; and develop the sense of belonging to the family, the society and the country.

VIII. To help students become people who can contribute to Hong Kong and the motherland; accept multi-cultures and possess world vision.