Department of Science

Science has been an individual subject in our school now.

We think “Experiment” is the most important knowledge for inquiring scientific knowledge. However, many science textbooks can only offer “fact” to our students. Therefore, our science teachers design our own curriculum.

Our science teachers are all highly qualified and have strong subject knowledge background.

They understand our students’ needs well. They select the appropriate topics and design the course structure, and develop series of science activities, experiments and guidelines.


  • To develop generic skills-communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • To build up curiosity, keenness, open-mindedness, perseverance and concern.

Curriculum Features

  • Our science curriculum is related to the secondary school's curriculum. Therefore, our students are going to have a good foundation for future studies.
  • We allow the students to have hands-on experiments to seek the answers and develop students' abilities of writing scientific reports.
  • We provide more learning opportunities for students to interact with each other through group learning.
  • Our assessments emphasize on understanding, analyzing and skills rather than memorizing. We have Summative Assessment and Formative Assessment.
  • The science book suggests ways for us to help students develop new science concepts base on their own experience.
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